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Episode 28: Three's Company (Season 3)

Rapture Riders
Blondie Vs. The Doors

The boys bump into Sloan on their boys night out.
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Dirty harry (Chopper Remix)
Album: Demon Days
Sloan talking to guys poolside.
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Sergio Mendes feat. Will.I.Am
Mas Que Nada
Album: Timeless
Sloan tells Eric that Tori wants a threesome.

The Mule

Ari screams on the phone with Alna, transition to Eric getting ready for his threesome.
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Cherish feat. Sean Paul
Do It To It
Album: Unappreciated
Eric wathcing Sloan & Tori makeout and then joins in on the fun for a threesome.
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The Koreans
Keep Me In Your Mind
Album: The Koreans
Alan and Dana walk out on Ari, fade to end credits.