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Episode 44: The First Cut is the Deepest (Season 4)
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Joel Evans
A Walk in the Sun
Album: New Melodies Old Memories
Mrs Ari is hsopping talks Ari on the phone.

Jungle Bros.

The guys arrive at Miller Gold
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Nothing or All
Album: The Enlightened Operative
Vince and E pull up to Walsh's editing studio.
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Northern League
Feels Good
Album: Wet Paint
Turtle and Drama arrive at Drama's "party" house.

Paul Williams & Norman Percival
Chique Image

Ari visits his dentist for help.
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The Cool Kids
I Rock
Album: Bake Sale
Vince and E find Billy at The Body Shop.
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American Head Charge
Leave Me Alnoe
Album: War of Art
Ari marches in and pulls Sarah out of class.
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Ice Cream Girl
Album: Attention Deficit
Drama's party spills out to the hallway.

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Earl Hayes
Act a Fool
Album: Act a Fool - Single
At Drama's party, Eric talks to Walsh and wavvves to Vince.
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New Young Pony Club
Ice Cream (Van She Remix)
Album: New Young Pony Club
The pary moves to a new location.

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Gustavo Santaolalla
La Partida & La Salida de Lima
Album: Motorcycle Diaries (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Medellin Music

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Lady Don't Tek No
Album: SoleSides Greatest Bumps
End Credits.